Need A Ride?

Senior Citizens of Patagonia operates two vans, one handicap lift equipped, to provide transportation for seniors and disabled individuals to points a  hundred miles away. We pick up passengers in the Patagonia, Sonoita, Elgin and Canelo areas for trips to Sierra Vista, Nogales, Rio Rico, Green Valley, Tucson and other destinations. Passengers use our transportation program for scheduled doctor visits, airport trips, shopping, group outings. Medical trips, of course, take priority, but we do no provide emergency services (if this is an emergency, call 911 now!).

Our drivers are volunteers who donate their time. Contacting us a week ahead of your trip helps us ensure a driver and a vehicle are available. You can call 520-394-2494 and schedule your trip with Erika Miller who coordinates the transportation program. You will need to have the full address of where you are going and time and duration of appointment, if applicable.

This program is partially funded by grants which do not cover all the expenses and by fundraisers by the Senior Citizens of Patagonia. Any senior or disabled person may use this service regardless of ability to pay. There is no required fee. Having said that, we do appreciate small donations if you can make one without financial hardship and they help us cover some of the gasoline costs.


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