The Directory of Elder Resources for Santa Cruz County by SEAGO (South East Arizona Government Organization) is a great resource for locating help with social security or a safer place to live or other types of assistance. This directory lists agencies, centers and websites for elders and their caregivers in dealing with various issues.

Following are headings from the table of contents:

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation, Adaptive Aids and Devices/Loan Closets, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Area Agency on Aging, Assisted Living, Behavioral Health Services, Benefits (Social Security and Veterans), Caregiving/Case Management, Credit Problems, Dental, Diabetes, Discounts/Refunds, Food,  Funeral Homes/Grief Support, Guardian and Conservator Services, Hearing, Home Health, Hospice, Hospital, Housing, Information and Assistance, In-Home Supportive Services, Legal Services, Medical Insurance, Medical Services, Medications, Mental Health Services, Nursing Home, Police and Emergency Numbers, Scams, Consumer, and Fraud Issues, Senior Center/Nutrition Sites, Transportation, Veterans, Vision, Volunteer Opportunities.