Monday through Friday it’s lunchtime at the Patagonia Senior Center. We serve meals from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm. Senior Citizens of Patagonia (SCP) provides high quality and nutritious meals cooked on site by our chef and approved by a licensed nutritionist. Meals incorporate local, fresh-picked vegetables. Salads accompany each meal and typically have nine ingredients. Also served with each meal are 2% milk and a fruit.

No reservations are needed. We serve over 8,500 meals a year. Donation based, our lunch program relies on grants, in-kind, and individual contributions.

Who qualifies? If you are 60 years old, or the spouse of someone 60 or over, or a disabled individual of any age, you can register to participate in our lunch program. Guests are welcome and are asked to donate $5 per meal.

Our monthly menu is posted on this website, the Senior Center’s front door, and at the post office.

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