Senior Meal Program

Monday through Friday at 12 noon it’s lunchtime at the Senior Center in downtown Patagonia. Senior Citizens of Patagonia (SCP) provides high quality and nutritious meals cooked on site to seniors and disabled individuals. A typical meal will include a meat or vegetarian (often both) main dish; rice, potatoes or bread; two cooked vegetables, a salad, and take-with-you yogurt, cheese, or fruit. There might even be dessert. The meals are prepared and served by experienced staff and volunteer cooks and other volunteers help with the cleaning up.

No reservations are needed. We cook about 6500 meals a year and we fund the program from many sources. We have a contract with the South East Arizona Government Organization that reimburses us about half of  the meal costs. Smaller amounts come in grants from the Patagonia Regional Community Foundation and the Santa Cruz Community Foundation. The meals are available to participating seniors or individuals with disabilities at no cost and with no qualifications for income. We appreciate and need the voluntary meal donations we receive from diners who can donate. Our volunteers provide thousands of hours of donated time as well.

Who qualifies? If you are 60 years old, or the spouse of someone 60 or over, or a disabled individual of any age you can partake of the good food and socialization of our lunch program. Guests who don’t meet these qualifications are welcome but are asked to make a donation that covers most of the out of pocket costs, currently $9.00.

We make up our menu for a month at a time and it’s posted in several places in Patagonia–Post Office, Patagonia Market, Clinic, the gas station, churches, and on the Senior Center bulletin board. A copy of this month’s menu can be copied from this website.

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